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Whether you like no sleeve, short sleeve or long sleeve tops, we have got you covered.  Both in shorter styles, longer styles, and the new high-low styles.  Sizes are S - XL.  





Travel collection pants come in many colors.  Sizes are S-L and XL-2X with a choice of 3 lengths, 25", 27", or 29".  

Jackets of several different styles and colors are available, along with a variety of tops in both prints and solids.

Smoothwear tops come in several sleeve lengths and many colors.  Great item for layering.  One size fits most.



Crystal Jewelry



Folding Fans




For your convenience, below is a listing of our product categories with many pictures. 

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Great new accessory item. Magnetic clasp makes for easy on and easy off.  The color variety includes both solid and multicolors.

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Folding fans are great in all seasons for when you need just a little help staying cool.  Designs and colors vary.





High/Low Vests are very stylish. Looks great either as a dressy outfit or casual with jeans.  Many colors and prints to choose from.  One size fits most.


Travel Dresses are fun and so comfortable.  Dress them up with a jacket or wear casual or as a coverup.  Comes in a variety of prints and solid colors.  Sized S to 3XL.  

Ribbed Collection comes in either vest or jacket styles in a variety of colors.  One size fits most.

Handcrafted pens made in Peru.  Many other assorted items.

The variety includes hunting, fishing, and more in assorted colors and camo.  Adjustable sizes.

Capri sets come in sleeveless and short sleeve options.  The colorful print sets are available in S - XL.  Great for vacationing.

Capri Sets




Assorted oriental boxes, sunglass/lipstic cases, and other misc items.


Stone jewelry is available in necklace sets or earrings only.  Many different stones and styles are available.

This assortment of religous caps come in camo and assorted colors.  Adjustable sizes.


Pants in the basics collection come in a variety of prints and solid colors. Sizes are S - XL.

Stone Jewelry

Threaded jewelry is available in may different styles and colors both in earrings and necklace sets.

Ribbed Jackets

2 Button Scarf


Religous Caps

Many different styles, colors, and prints of kimonos and coverups.  A great item for layering.  One size fits most.

Our new Lace and Fringe Collection has lots of great detail.  This look is very popular now and great for those who like a feminine look.

Thread Jewelry

These sun hats come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors.  One size fits most.

These Magic Wraps can be worn in a variety of ways.  There are a variety of prints and colors.  One size fits most.  Great travel item.


Confetti Necklace

Caps have rhinestone trim in assorted designs and colors.  Adjustable sizes.

Crochet Items including our ever popular Button Vest that comes in a variety of colors, sizes S - 3XL. Also available are crochet jackets with accent bling to give you a little bit of sparkle.  S - 2XL.

Travel collection tops come in a variety of sleeve lengths and colors.  Two sizes are S-L and XL-2X.

This assortment of tunics are mostly plus sizes.  1X - 4X.  


75 different scents of fragrant oils.  Electric oil warmers both plug-in and tabletop styles.

Smoothwear bottoms come in either leggings or pants.  The leggings are one size fits most.  The pants are one size with 3 choices in lengths, 28", 30", and 33".  There is a variety of colors available.  

Oriental Gifts

Bling Caps

Sun Hats

Our Travel separates collection is so very easy to wear and take care of.  Many different colors with two sizes. S-L and XL-2XL

These camis are sometimes known as tunic extenders. They are ttrimmed with lace on the bottom.  There are two different lengths with a variety of colors.  .  Sizes range from S - 3XL..

Military Caps

Skirts in the basics collection come in a maxi length or a high/low version.  The sizes are S - XL in a variety of prints and solid colors.

Many more great items can be seen and ordered at :


More Caps


The military caps are assorted colors and camo.   Adjustable sizes.

Vests in the basics collection are available in prints and many solid colors in two styles, the high/low style or tradition straight cut.  Sizes are S - XL.